New Meadow and Sorbet packs have just arrived in the Woolfelt collection.

There are over 80 shades in stock all from National Nonwovens, the original manufacturer of the premium wool blend WoolFelt®. National Nonwovens has produced pressed wool felt for over 110 years. They are famous for their top quality felt which is both strong and soft with a natural feel and their exciting range of colours including many heathered shades which combine two or more colours to create an interesting mottled effect.

National Nonwovens partner up with many pattern makers so many of the shade names may be familiar. We have shortened or tweaked some as National Nonwovens are a US brand many of them are particularly American like Cotton Candy, Grape Jelly and Confederate Blue.

Miss Maggie Rabbit by Alicia Paulson, below, has a Sandstone Woolfelt body and Havana boots. Maggie is a pretty popular bunny but if you haven't already tried one of Alicia Paulson's pattern downloads they are beautifully laid out with clear in depth instructions accompanied by plenty of helpful photos. You can find more softie, embroidery and crochet patterns at Alicia Paulson.com

Look out for Crochet Lambs!