Size Guides

Fabric will be sent as one continuous piece if you order more than one unit in the same fabric.
For example three 100cm x 134cm units and a 50cm x 135cm units would be sent as a 350cm long x 135cm width piece.
Fat quarters would be converted to a full width quarter. For example three 50cm x 67cm units would be sent as a 75cm long x 134cm width piece.
Some discontinued fabric may only be available as cut pieces, if this is the case it will be included in the fabric description.
If you would prefer cut pieces please send a message when you order as we can send individual pieces if this is your preference.
Measurement Conversions
Centimetres Inches
25cm / quarter of a metre 9.84"
50cm / half a metre 19.68"
100cm / 1 metre 39.37"